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About Adamimex

Adamimex was created to fill the needs of our rapidly expanding base of Domestic and International customers.

We provide a World Wide Infrastructure capable of locating, contracting, shipping and warehousing raw materials, manufactured products and services.

Adamimex is an active partner of the World Wide Cooperative of Certified Trade Brokers who work together to fill the needs and provide services to their respective customers.

Our mission is simple; to deliver products and services for up to 90% less than traditional sources, and to provide first class service in the process.

Success, at least for us, is measured over years of satisfied clients, profitable transactions and a rock solid reputation.

Thank you,

Ruqaya Ovenstone


Bill Ovenstone

San Jose, CA
Phone: (408) 493-5995
Fax: (866) 224-4893

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Do you need a reliable source of products for resale? Do you have products or services to sell? Do you need products manufactured to your company's specifications? Do you need raw materials, shipping solutions or representation in foreign markets? Request a free, no obligation consultation and let Adamimex go to work for you. click here

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Submit your products or services for our consideration. Tell us what you have to sell. We will immediately search our WorldWide database, make the phone calls and connect with our sources to quickly locate a buyer, a vendor, a manufacturer or supplier to put the deal together and make you money. click here

  Locator Services
Tell Us what you need and we'll find it! Across town or across the World Adamimex will work quickly to find any product, raw material or resource that you need.